Season 1 :

  • FAD

  • MSR

  • PP90M1

  • TYPE 95



8 comments on “Weapons

  1. I use he FAD with KICK, that makes have like no kick. also it doesnt need slight of hand, it has a pretty fine reload time. i would suggest scavenger pro

  2. ok sure it might be long, but its not as long as someother guns. it has a higher fire rates and less damage, so that means your going to be spitting out more bullets. so have scavenger pro would be more beneficial. but that’s just my personal preference.

    • whatever game mode you play, you will always find yourself in a battle for life every second because when you play tdm or kc, you search for an enemy to kill and your enemy does the same so you find yourself under enemy fire all the time and that’s when faster reloading helps. On the other hand in dom some people say it’s different but that’s what we all say which is a lie because in the end we don’t play dom to capture A,B or C we wait for the other team to do that so we get an easy kill plus the regular searching that we are used to do like tdm. what i’m saying is whatever you play faster reloading will help in multiple kills but in the end you use the perk you want

  3. btw the proficiency and the perks up there are based on some professional players not me, all i do is sharing what they use to get MOAB every match so you guys try them and find out if it worked

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