The Ranking System

The Ranking System

Private.:The Private is the first rank of M3RC. Their role is to recruit and participate in community activities. They should get to know other community members and learn about the clan!

Private First Class.: The Private First Class rank is earned by privates who have recruited 3 or more members to our clan. The earning of this rank symbolizes devotion to the clan and a pride in what they do. Their job is to continue being active to the site and to recruit new members.

Corporal.: The Corporal rank is earned by those who have recruited 10 or more members on to the clan. Corporal is the second highest rank achievable by those that do not have a M3RC tag. If a corporal is unable to procure a tag, but shows true devotion and displays exemplary leadership skill, a higher-up might find a spare M3RC tag laying around to give to him. Again, these are limited and only the best get them.

Sergeant.: Sergeant is the highest obtainable rank in M3RC. The Sergeant has shown his loyalty to the community by recruiting 14 members. A sergeant is required to show a basic display of leadership skill and take initiative in accomplishing objectives set forth by the clans higher-ups. He must inform the ranks below him of recent clan developments.

Master Sargent.: There will only be one Master Sargent. But their job is to train the clan members to become a Officer Rank.

OFFICERS: The Officers of the clan are the backbone of the clan structure. The various rank allow for clan members to show various ways of devotion and leadership skills. Lower level officers have the ability to actually recommend people promote/demote clan members of lower then them. (Within reason of course) Officers are generally referred to as higher-ups.

Lieutenant.:He must have a descent understanding of the clan issues as well as solutions and recommendations for them. Their leadership displays are refining, and thus they have shown an interest.Their abilities to handle situations within the clan are in the process are refining. They are showing a clear interest in the betterment of our organization and have developed their leadership skills further, thus preparing them for a rank ahead.

Captain.:The first captain is earned by those who have shown advanced clan leadership abilities, can solve complex issues, and show an interest in other clan members advancements. They help plan activities, and talk with the General about promoting other members. They are essentially second in command of the whole sub division, and report to the General of their subdivision.

General.:The General rank is earned by a clan member that displays the ability to manage a large number of people. He must be understanding, but strict. The General is responsible for an entire subdivision and is in charge of promotions in that subdivision. He must asses and guide the members under him towards a common goal.

Admiral: To make sure the General does there Job correctly as well as the rest of the officers and is to overlooks the whole clan to make sure how many people are in the clan daily. and just report any news to Leaders.


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