As usual, these rules are to be followed by all M3RC members and
if some of these are disobeyed to a certain extent it could result in you
being kicked out of the clan. So make sure you FOLLOW them.


Ppl who say csb, g4u, n1c, or etc. will be silenced or kicked out of M3RC. No shit guys, nowadays i feel pissed off whenever some1 says that and want to ban the exact person. So plz, be mature and be exceptionally nice to our fellow members on pal, Xat, or even on site.

2. No disrespect to Clan Leaders and Team-Mates.

This means that you cannot be disrespectful to either of the above on the Xat Chat, Pal Chat aswell as on the posts written by our Authors. We are a friendly, respectful clan that wants to keep our rep high and stable. It’s ok to have a laugh at times as long as it’s nothing MAJORLY offensive or disruptive. Failure to respect a clan member, will result in a 2 DAY suspension from the xat chatFailure to respect the clan leaders or the founder himself will result in a 1 WEEK suspension from all clan activities and the xat/pal chat.

3. You must be ACTIVE on the specific game you’re playing with M3RC and on the M3RC Site.

M3RC is and will be a active, proffesional clan. This means that EVERY M3RC MEMBER will have to be playing online on their specific game they’re playing for at least three days of the week and come on at least 2 days on the website. If a member is REALLY inactive on both the game aswell as the forums, you will need to let me know why.. Otherwise, it could result in a kick from the clan for inactivity.

4. DON’T leave games unless you have to.

When you join a game with a M3RC member, try not to leave the game, even if you’re losing or playing bad.At least wait till the round’s over before leaving because leaving in the game could leave your fellow team-mate
under more pressure.

5. Dishonesty = Two Weeks Ban from Activites

If you are REALLY dishonest with a Clan Leader, you’ll be banned from participating in any clan activities in M3RC(FOTW, Training etc.) So make sure you know what you’re saying before you say.


M3RC is and will always be a non-hack clan. If a clan member is caught hacking, I will personally kick him/her out of the clan, doesn’t matter if you were a loyal, friendly or a good player, hacking is intolerable in M3RC. In the past we have given chances to certain members, that will not be the case anymore. Anyone hacking will be permanently kicked out the clan. This is the most important rule in M3RC, adhere it and abide by it, or else.

Think before you act.


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